guide to using addons

Want to use addons for your roleplay, trade guild, raiding or even PvP? Then this page is for you! Sorry console players, only PC players have access to addons :(

Note: Start up ESO first (if you've done a fresh installation) and then the game will automatically write an addon folder for you to use in your Documents filepath (PC/Mac)!

Step 1) Go to and pick an addon, any addon you want!









Step 2) Download and Open the Compressed File (recommend WinRar for extraction/viewing)!
















Step 3) Click and drag the content folder into Documents>Elder Scrolls Online>Live>Addons

Step 4) If you were logged onto a character in ESO, just type /reloadui into the game chat and press enter! No need to restart the game!

For Minion and more specifics,

check out this COMPLETE Addon Guide