buffs and debuffs

A lot of you have probably read the tooltips/descriptionsof skills in the game at one point or another,
and noticed something peculiar about some of the things you apply to targets or onto yourself. To start,
buffs refers to what kind of 
effects can occur, generally friendly and helpful effects, to yourself and other players while
debuffs refer to the type of effects, generally negative but also still helpful since it will help you do more damage and so forth on PvE targets or other players in PvP.

These buffs and debuffs can come from a variety of sources including class skills, guild skill-lines, weapon skill-lines and item sets.

Let's look at a list of the buffs and debuffs we can get from this game:





























Now obviously you don't need to memorize everything here as you can always refer to the ingame tooltips of each skill to check them
out regardless of the patch but for some of you while this may look simple there's two things we need to take into consideration:

The first is that most of these buffs and debuffs can be split into the Major and Minor categories:




















This basically means, for example, a skill or whatever can give you Major Ward which would increase your spell resistance by XXXX and a different skill or whatever that comes from yourself or another player even can give you Minor Ward, such as Combat Prayer right here.

Not all buffs and debuffs each have their Major and Minor counterparts, for example, Minor Lifesteal (as of 2019) exists but Major Lifesteal does not. Some skills such as Linebreaker or a unique debuff or buff don't have a Major or Minor category.

The second thing is that no same buff or debuff can stack on yourself or on a target. This means if you have a monster set like Chudan and a skill that gives you Major Ward and Resolve like Balance or whatever, these resistances do NOT stack.


Same thing for buffs for other players, let's say we have one Warden healer and one Warden tank, we only really in reality need only one of these two since the Minor Toughness from their class passives don't stack on top of another to give you 20% more max health as some may think.

Major Fracture + Major Fracture = Does NOT Stack!

Major Fracture + Minor Fracture = Does Stack!

Unique Buff A + Unique Buff B + Minor Buff + Major Buff = Does Stack!

Unique Buff A (Source A) + Unique Buff A (Source B) = Does NOT Stack!


This is where a loooot of players both new and old sometimes get tripped up, so it's really important to read the tooltips and make sure you're not unnecessarily stacking buffs. Well what about debuffs? Same thing pretty much, you can't stack, let's say, Minor Vulnerability from different sources on the same target, one will simply override or refresh the other.


This rule applies to certain debuffs as well including the aforementioned Linebreaker from procc'ing the set Alkosh. Moreover, this rule can apply to unique buffs on yourself and others as well. So if you were to use Gossamer and proc it on someone but another person also has Gossamer to proc it on that person, the effects don't stack but the procs can definitely come one after another in terms of duration.

Keep in mind however, so long as the debuffs and buffs are unique AND separate, they do stack. An easy example of this for buffs is wearing
the Bloodspawn helmet which offers it own unique buff of ultimate generation which can stack with Minor or Major Heroism or wearing similar sets with the same tooltips such as Dragon and Potentates can "stack" in terms of ult cost reduction effects.