eso combat system

The Combat gameplay in The Elder Scrolls Online is arguably one of the best ones around for a MMORPG to date. Both critics and players have agreed that the combat (when working properly without duress of lag) is smooth and enjoyable. Many players including myself can often "feel" the feedback from playing in either PvP or PvE. Back in 2014, developers at the ESO Guild Summit sought to make sure the combat could indeed be "felt". They succeeded.


After you have picked your Race, Class and made your character pretty, you may be wondering how to gitgud at the game. To completely understand both the system and gameplay as players, we must dissect each component of it as things aren't all they seem on the surface. While accumulating such knowledge is indeed handy, I encourage you to continue playing and experiencing this MMO we've all come to love as repetition through experience can usually yield a greater understanding of what's going on in the game:

The building blocks of combat in ESO definitely revolve around weaving and animation canceling whether you want to PvP or PvE.

Then we must start looking closely at tooltips and experimenting with what helps us best as players whether it's Ultimates, Buffs/Debuffs or Synergies.

If you're playing on PC, Addons will help augment your performance as a player, not just in combat but also in housing, fashion and roleplay!