eso faq

(Update 25, Harrowstorm DLC Patch)


Other content creators and I, particularly the endgame players/professors in the Atsona's Academy Discord server who sacrifice their personal time to teach hundreds of people for free, often get MANY MANY MANY questions that often repeat almost endlessly. In order to address this issue, I and the following players have spent and will spend a lot of time gathering the questions and formulating the best answers to these frequently asked questions as time goes on. Please click below for the separate FAQs!


This project would not have been possible without: t3hasiangod, Stileanima, Cicisch, Sophiexx, Wrath Of Innos, Skinny Cheeks, Atsona, Brenann, Natsu, Slaymane and the other endgame teachers who commit themselves to fostering the growth of interest in ESO's PvE content and thus the growth of the endgame PvE community.