**QUESTION**: What are the sources of Penetration available to all raid groups?


**ANSWER**: Common sources of Penetration include -


[Major Fracture/Breach]: 5280

[Minor Fracture/Breach]: 1320

[Infused Crusher (2-Handed)]: 2108

[Infused Torug's Crusher]: 2740

[Alkosh]: 3010

[Concentration Passive (Destruction Staff)]: 4884

[Sharpened]: 1376 per one-handed weapon, 2752 per two-handed weapon.

[Piercing/Spell Erosion, Champion Points]: Up to 5280

Refer to [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zLat2_1clU]

**QUESTION**: Is there some sort of guide on how the numbers work behind damage in ESO?


**ANSWER**: Yes, refer to https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/422268/a-comprehensive-guide-on-damage-dealing-in-elder-scrolls-online/p1] - created by Masel.

**QUESTION**: Is [armor set X] viable?


**ANSWER**: It depends. There is no easy answer to this question. This is because the definition of [viable] will vary depending on the content you're running and at what level of accomplishment you want to achieve. If you're running just solo content, for example, everything is viable. But if you're arming for trinity achievements (no death, speed run, HM), then you'll have to use very specific set-ups to get those achievements. In addition, different group compositions require different sets. For example, Worm Cult is useless in a predominantly stamina DPS group.

**QUESTION**: What is animation canceling? Is it cheating? What is weaving? How do I do it? Do I have to do it?


**ANSWER**: No, it's not cheating.

Refer to [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7_VU1frQwk]

Here's how it works and looks like, refer to [https://www.nefasqs.com/weaving]

Here's how you can improve on weaving, refer to [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajUXqkfLhvY] 

**QUESTION**: How do synergies work? Which skills can offer how many synergies to how many people at a time?


**ANSWER**: Refer to [https://www.nefasqs.com/synergies]

**QUESTION**: How does Ultimate, Ultimate generation, Ultimate reduction, etc work?


**ANSWER**: Refer to [https://www.nefasqs.com/ultimate]

**QUESTION**: Can I stack multiple Major Wards/Resolves to get more armor/mitigation?


**ANSWER**: The same minor or major buffs and debuffs do not stack. For more information refer to [https://www.nefasqs.com/buffs-debuffs]

**QUESTION**: What is the difference between Concussion and Off Balance?


**ANSWER**: These two things are not the same but interact with each other. When an enemy is [concussed] they get the status effect associated with concussion applied to them which is [Minor Vulnerability]. Concussion is applied with a % chance or at a 100% chance with the Asylum Destruction staff:


1% Chance with an [AOE DoT]

3% Chance with a [Single Target DoT]

5% Chance with a [Direct Damage AoE]

10% Chance with a [Skill] 20% Chance with an [Enchantment]


When something is concussed and is standing in a Lightning Blockade (which doesn't necessarily concuss the targets) they become



Off Balance has a duration of 7 seconds on a boss/target with a 20 second cooldown (in effect, 13 seconds). Using a heavy attack against an Off Balanced enemy will deal 70% more damage, consume the Off Balance debuff if the target is stunned (doesn't apply to dungeon or raid bosses) and will also restore double the amount of stamina or magicka you get back from hitting the target!

**QUESTION**: Is [anything] viable?


**ANSWER**: Yes. It also depends. What content are you trying to clear? What are you trying to achieve? Anything can clear overland content. As you get further up the end-game "ladder", you'll have to start looking into optimizing your builds to contribute to the group. Vet dungeons require a little bit of optimization, but most builds can get by. DLC dungeons may require a little more. Vet Craglorn trials a bit more, and so on. In theory, many builds are viable to clear 99 percent of the content in the game. It's when you start getting into [difficult achievements or goals] like speed runs where you'll need to heavily optimize around your group. And even then, the "best" for one group is not going to be the "best" for another.

**QUESTION**: Which Blood Altar morph is better?


**ANSWER**: [Overflowing Altar] for situations (such as vCR Hard Mode) where you need the extra amount of healing from the synergy. Otherwise you can use [Sanguine's Altar] as it has a longer duration and still offers a great amount of healing from synergizing it. With the changes to how it's now instant-cast by sacrificng health and not a channeled cast with magicka, keeping up either morph should not be an issue so it can be argued that Overflowing is always the better.

**QUESTION(s)**: What's the meta composition/What's the best raid composition for Trial X/Content?


**ANSWER**: These kinds of questions are asked so often (we get these questions almost daily) it had to be put here. Usually most of us answer with either what our teams have run or what we think could be most optimal. These questions however have several (complicated) overarching themes to them that have plagued a majority of the PvE playerbase and produced incredible social tensions between the different demographics of the game: How do I get better? Do I need to change to get better? Do I really have to play what I don't like? At what point do I sacrifice fun to get what I want?


To start, the concept of the [PvE meta] is heavily misunderstood by both those moving towards endgame PvE and those who are simply repulsed by such a concept. Running "meta" or "BIS" doesn't necessarily ensure success or entail that it's only "my way or the highway" to achieve whatever you want to achieve. Whether it's a world record score, a trifecta achievement or just to clear content, the degree of optimization required will ALWAYS vary group to group as there are many factors including player skill. With the advent of ESOLOGS, many groups have started to heavily imitate the higher end groups but some groups we've had to help often find themselves more crippled or worse off and become discouraged. What works for one group does not always work for another. This needs to be emphasized.


While yes there are objectively better sets, better ways to pull numbers, better rotations, sometimes better classes, better compositions when compared to worse ones (like 12 magwardens vs a more optimized composition) there is never, for the majority of the playerbase, an absolute best composition so long as the basics are covered.

It is ironic that the people who blindly criticize the endgame community for "refusing to recognize" there are multiple ways of setting oneself up for content can't recognize the fact that is exactly what the [meta] is and that raid teams have always simply pursued the best options available to them through constant testing and if it happens to work out, other groups take note. In the end, it's about finding the best setup for yourself and your group. There's always room for improvement and thus the meta changes for many people whether it's in one direction or another. The best advice we can offer is to always ask [why] other groups are running what they are and critically think what would be best for your group rather than blindly following one example. Refer to [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsfZeC4AnW8]

**QUESTION**: Can a mixed raid composition clear content?


**Answer**: Yes. You may have difficulty optimizing or sorting out support sets with half the group being magicka DPS while the other half is stamina DPS but it's doable. It may also be exponentially harder depending on content and group experience.