**QUESTION**: What is the best race for PvE Healing?


**ANSWER**: It depends on what you need/want however the races to consider (from best to worst): [Breton] (for Sustain/Survivability), [Altmer] (for extra damage if sustain/survivability is not an issue), [Argonian] (for Sustain/Additional Healing Done) and [Nord] (Survivability/Ultimate Generation for specific scenarios).

**QUESTION**: What are the weapon traits healers should be running?


**ANSWER**: Weapon traits can vary.


[Charged]: Best for procing status effects such as Concussion for Off Balance. If you are in a group where DDs have the Exploiter passive unlocked then this is the best trait to run on your main bar. Charged is also best for frontbar for a Z'en healer.


[Infused]: If you're running Crusher, then this is the trait you want. Front or backbar depends on your build. If you're trying to proc lots of Concussion, you want Infused backbar with a Shock glyph (proc via Blockade) paired with a Charged frontbar. This pairing is also good for a Z'en healer in the form of an Infused backbar with a Poison glyph and Charged frontbar.


[Powered]: Best for maximum healing potential.


[Precise]: Best for a mix of damage and healing.

**QUESTION**: What Mundus Stones should I be using for my PvE healer?


**ANSWER**: [Ritual] (Raw Healing Output), [Thief] (For Z'en/MK setups or speccing into critical healing such as Hollowfang), [Apprentice] (to increase spell damage] and [Steed] (for very specific scenarios).

**QUESTION**: What Traits/Enchantments should I use on my healer's armor?


**ANSWER**: Typically Divines traits with Max Magicka enchantments though some builds can use 3x Infused or Prismatic/Health enchantments on the large body pieces depending on the build/setup.

**QUESTION**: What should Traits/Enchantments be on my healer's jewelry?


**ANSWER**: Jewelry enchantments can be a mix of Spell Damage and Magicka Recovery (based on the player's comfort level), you should be aiming for the most spell damage as possible. Trait-wise, often [Arcane] or [Infused] is used.

**QUESTION**: What gear do healers need?


**ANSWER**: Oh boy.


-Single Bar Sets-

[Olorime]: 3 pieces on body or jewelry + a Destruction Staff, obtainable from Cloudrest.


[Z'en's Redress]: 3 pieces on body or jewelry + either a Restoration Staff or Destruction Staff. If using a Resto Staff, use a vMA Destro Staff backbar (Lightning or Inferno depending on group composition). Obtainable from Lair of Maarselok.


[Jorvuld's Guidance] - This can be on 5x body (body set) or 3x jewelry/staff depending on your setup. Obtainable from Scalecaller Peak.


-Body Sets-

[Healing Mage/Mending] - Recommended for Sanctum Ophidia trash/Stonebreaker Troll boss, Assembly General Hard Mode. Note that it does not affect environment damage/mechanics that don't come directly from a boss. Obtainable from Aetherian Archive.


[Hollowfang's Thirst] - Recommended for magicka DPS raid compositions. Obtainable from Moongrave Fane.


[Worm's Raiment] - Recommended for magicka DPS raid composition if you're not wearing Hollowfang. Obtainable from Vaults of Madness.


[Hircine's Veneer] - Recommended for stamina DPS raid composition. Obtainable from Selene's Web.


[Way of Martial Knowledge] - Recommended foods to use this: Bewitched Sugar Skulls or regular purple tri-stat food. Purchasable in guild stores or found in Craglorn.


[Ebon Armory] - Recommended to set this up on chest/legs + jewelry (jewelry can be transmuted to Arcane). Typically for newer vCR progression groups depending on group setup or other fights such as the Refabrication Committee in vHoF. Recommended food includes bi-stat (max mag/max stam or even max health/max mag) food or Ghastly Eye Bowl. Obtainable from Crypt of Hearts I & II.


[Gossamer] - Niche set often used for vSO trash or Assembly General if mag raid composition has no access to Major Evasion. Sometimes used by newer groups for vAS HM. Obtainable from Cradle of Shadows.

-Monster Sets-

[Symphony of Blades] - Offers (in symphony with other supports wearing it, haha get it?) a lot of sustain to the group. Obtainable from vDepths of Malatar and Urglag Chief Bane.


[Earthgore] - Obtainable from vBloodroot Forge and Urglag Chief Bane.


[Troll King] - Recommended for Lokkestiiz HM (cage healing), vCR HM. Obtainable from vBlessed Crucible and Gilrion Red-Beard.


[Bogdan] - Raw healing output. Obtainable from vElden Hollow II and Maj al-Ragath.


-Ability Altering Staves-

[Master's Restoration Staff] - Best staff to accompany single bar setups. Offers group sustain. Used with Grand Healing and its morphs.


[Blackrose Restoration Staff] - Used primarily for Lokkestiiz cage healing. Used with Healing Ward and its morphs.


[Asylum's Restoration Staff] - Great for beginners. Endgame healers don't need it as they focus on spell damage/crit. Used with Blessing of Protection and its morphs.

**QUESTION**: What does 'healing done', 'healing taken' & 'healing received' exactly entail?



[Healing Done] affects ALL healing from ALL sources.


[Healing Taken] affects the healing you take even from YOUR OWN healing.


[Healing Received] affects the healing you take but ONLY from others!

**QUESTION**: Is Hollowfang on body or weapons?


**ANSWER**: Typically 5x Hollowfang is on body but it depends on your group's needs and also your gear setup. If you have bash weaving DPS, you need to use Master's Restoration staff. Typically the Hollowfang healer is in Olorime anyway so you are able to body Hollowfang and backbar Olorime.

**QUESTION**: How does Z'en's Redress actually work? How do I use it?


**ANSWER**: Refer to [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRmOPApAj4Y] - a guide made by Stileanima.

**QUESTION**: How does Martial Knowledge actually work? How do I use it?


**ANSWER**: Refer to [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmDt8FnHwJc] - a guide made by Stileanima.

**QUESTION**: Is there a healer "rotation" like there is for DPS?


**ANSWER**: For Z'en's/MK users, yes. For healers who simply heal with Olorime/Jorvulds or Olorime/Hollowfang, your "rotation" centers around keeping up your basic Healing Over Time/Casts (Illustrious Healing, Budding Seeds/Extended Ritual, Combat Prayer to maintain Minor Berserk on DPS) along with other skills you may use such as Blockade, Elemental Drain, etc. Otherwise your role can often be reactive such as needing to heal a specific person/tank.

**QUESTION**: What are the best healer classes?


**ANSWER**: [Templar] (can be easier to use for Z'en's Redress), [Warden] (Minor Toughness, Minor Vulnerability), [Sorcerer] (Minor Prophecy, Off DPS), [Necromancer].

**QUESTION**: Any addons to help with MK/Zens/etc?



**QUESTION**: What's a general Warden healer skill-bar setup?


**ANSWER**: For a general dungeon or trial set up that doesn't require specialized healing roles (vAS, vCR, vSS)


- Frontbar: Fetcher Infection, Illustrious Springs, Flex, Combat Prayer, Healing Orb, Barrier (either morph)


- Backbar: Enchanted Growth, Budding Seeds/Corrupting Pollen, Blockade (either morph), Flex, Expansive Frost Cloak, Agressive Horn Flex spots: some of the warden support skills will depend on what content you're running, group composition (mag/stam and also if you have another warden in a support role) and what your partner healer is running if in a Trial.


Flex skills can be Ele Drain, Overflowing Altar, Bone Surge, Shadow Silk (for DD synergies - must be used on ranged target), Radiating Regen, Betty Netch Skills that would be helpful to level for certain situations are Deceptive Predator, Bursting Vines, Healing Ward. This is of course not taking into account running Z'en's Redress. That would require other damage abilities not usually required in a healer's skill set.

**QUESTION**: What should my Champion Points allocation be for my PvE healer?


**ANSWER**: [Refer to the below Champion Points Allocation category.]

**QUESTION**: Any tips for group healing vAS Hard Mode?


**ANSWER**: A LOT of people think that this is the "easy" or "carry" role in the Trial, but in my opinion (Stileanima) that is absolutely not the case, and there are so many different things that you can do to make it something really unique, offering your group an incredible amount of support. Just touching on Felms, your main concern with him is of course to kite his maim AOEs out of the group.


You should try to kite them far enough away so that they are out of the DDs' kiting paths, but not far enough in the back to the point where you risk outranging him and causing him to jump in the group, and to the point where it takes you a long time to get back up close to the group so you can provide them with good support. If some DDs happen to be hugging the wall while are you are also hugging the back wall, you risk having Felms jump into the group depending on where you're at.


If the tank healer is hugging the front wall, and you are hugging the back wall, Felms will absolutely jump into the group because you will be outranging him. In my opinion it's always better to assume that the tank healer will be hugging the front wall because they have much less space to play with than you do, and lastly, if you catch the jumps hugging the back walls, you will then have to spend a lot of time getting back to the group to give them support.For healing during Olms' jumps, it is best to have one healer focus on healing the exit side, and the other focus on healing the entrance side.


To do this effectively, both healers should position themselves appropriately before the jumps, especially if Felms will be jumping at the same time, or if he has just jumped and his maim pools are on the ground during the main boss jumps.


If both healers are on the same side of the room during the main boss jumps (so both on the entrance side for example), and Felms jumps at the same time, you risk having Felms jump to either entrance or exit. That's why both healers should try their best to be on opposite sides of the room (one entrance and one exit) when both Olms + Felms jump at the same time.

**QUESTION**: How much health should I have as a healer for vAS HM?


**ANSWER**: For beginners or progression groups, the range of 22,000 to 24,000 health for both group/kite healers can be of immense help.