synergies explained

So what are synergies in ESO? Whether you PvE or PvP, you've probably noticed that little pop up "Press X or whatever to synergize" in the middle of your screen. For the purpose of this guide, we’re not going to be looking at non-combat synergies like Feed for Vampires, synergizing sigils in Maelstrom Arena or the Blade of Woe and other interactions with any environment that don’t necessarily come from skills.


Synergies for this guide are basically special abilities that any player can use provided that certain skills are being used and for some of these skills as we'll see in this video, some of these skills need certain pre-requisites during combat in order for their synergies to appear. Synergies are pretty important as many sets and strategies particularly in PvE depend on them.


There's a few key rules to keep in mind:


1) Generally speaking, you cannot synergize off of the skills you cast but you can synergize off of the skill casts of others, the only two exceptions to this are Haven of Ursus and Avid Boneyard, which we will be going over later.


2) Synergies that deal damage don't add to the casters' damage but the damage of the person who synergizes.


Furthermore, the damage synergies deal scale off of your highest offensive stats such as max magicka and spell damage or max stamina and weapon damage. Synergies that grant resources back such as Shards typically grant you magicka or stamina depending on whichever attribute has a higher value. So if you want to get stamina and not magicka back from synergizing shards or an orb, you want to make sure you have a higher pool of stamina than you do magicka and so on.


3) Regardless of what synergy it is, each synergy has a 20 second cooldown so even if a skill that provides a synergy comes back up immediately after, you need to wait 20 seconds until you can activate that specific synergy again. However you can still activate different synergies that are not on that 20 second cooldown. Keep in mind that even if you have different morphs of the same base skill active during a fight, they all share the same synergy cooldown. This means if someone has Necrotic Orb and someone else has Mystic Orb and vice versa, you synergizing one will put you on cooldown for any version of it.

With these rules in mind, we're going to be looking at each of the twenty available synergies in the game and we'll also be dispelling some myths and clarifying certain things such as synergy cap as there is really no other video or guide out there on the Internet covering this topic.

Standard, the base skill and either of its morphs provides only one person in the vicinity of the standard may use its Shackle synergy, the synergy deals quite a bit of damage and immobilizes targets in the AOE.

Talons only appears when it actually goes off visibly. So you won't see this synergy called Impale if a tank or someone uses it on flying targets or on bosses that cannot be immobilized. 

Storm Atronach, the base skill and either of its morphs provides only one person close to the Atronach itself with the synergy called Charged Lightning which grants both the Atronach and the synergizer.

Consuming Darkness is a Nightblade class ultimate which has a synergy called Hidden Refresh that is available to TWO people. You must be damaged in order to see the synergy.

Soul Shred is another Nightblade class ultimate that provides a synergy called Soul Leech to two people. The time window of synergizing Soul Leech is short and you also need to be a short distance away from the origin point to see the synergy.

Boneyard is a Necromancer class skill that offers the Grave Robber synergy to one person within it (both morphs included). The synergy deals damage. Avid Boneyard is one of the two morphs for Boneyard and is one of only two exceptions to the rule that you cannot synergize off of your own ability.

Lightning Splash is another Sorcerer class skill (morphs included) that provides the Conduit synergy. The base skill and both of its morphs provides the synergy and upon usage does damage.

Agony Totem is another Necromancer class skill (one of the two morphs) that offers a synergy to one person within its radius. The synergy, Pure Agony, provides AOE Minor Vulnerability to everything in its influence.

Spear Shard is a Templar class skill (both morphs) that provides resources back when synergized, keep in mind that in addition to only one person being able to synergize one Blessed Shard synergy per Shard, it also shares its synergy cooldown with the Undaunted guild skill Necrotic Orb.

Cleansing Ritual is a Templar class skill (both morphs) that offers the Purify synergy that will cleanse or purge you of all status effects that may be on you such as vulnerability, poison, burning and so forth. 6 people can synergize off of one Ritual.

Frozen Retreat is one of the two morphs for the Warden class base skill Frozen Gate. The base skill and the other morph Frozen Device do not offer a synergy. Frozen Retreat offers the Icey Escape synergy that teleports the synergizer to the caster’s location. Each gate is a potential synergy for three different people.

Nova is a Templar class ultimate that deals massive damage to anything in it when synergized (morphs included). Only one person can synergize an instance of Nova and either of its base morphs with the Supernova synergy.

Trapping Webs is another Undaunted skill that provides a synergy. Only one person can synergize an instance of Trapping Webs (morphs included). It also seems only 3 people at a time can see one synergy per web.

Healing Seed is a Warden class skill that offers the Harvest synergy to those in the center of it. The synergy heals you. Only one person can synergize an instance of Healing Seed or either of its morphs.

Necrotic Orb is an Undaunted skill that provides the Combustion synergy which restores resources upon being synergized. An unlimited number of people can synergize off of one orb regardless of it being the base skill or either of its morphs. The healing morph does not provide any damage but rather more healing upon combustion.

This was perhaps the most confusing one to test as the synergy cap was believed to have been 6 then 7 then 8 people per Altar regardless of it being the Blood Funnel or Blood Feast synergy. But we’ve confirmed it’s at least up to twelve people who have access to the synergy. You cannot use this synergy (morphs included) until severely damaged and the threshold is typically under 50% of your max health.

Inner Fire is an Undaunted guild skill that can provide the Radiate synergy. The base skill has a rather low chance of the synergy appearing for and its morph Inner Rage has 100% chance to have the synergy appear per cast. One synergy per cast.

Bone Shield is an Undaunted guild skill that provides the Bone Wall synergy which puts up a shield for you and other allies in the vicinity. The shield can only apply up to 6 people and if you’re using the morph Bone Surge, the Major Vitality also takes effect. Interestingly, the people who get the synergy shield will be put on cooldown for the synergy itself despite not synergizing it, however if you were the caster and there is another bone shield synergy available, you can take it.

Howl of Despair is a Werewolf skill that provides the Feeding Frenzy synergy. You must be in the vicinity of the werewolf, not exactly on top of the werewolf that casts it, in order to see the synergy available. Up to 12 people can synergize the Howl of Despair and once each person has synergized the Feeding Frenzy synergy, they gain Empower for 5 seconds buffing their light attack damage ny 40%.

Haven of Ursus is an item set that interestingly provides a synergy for both yourself or an ally. Only one person can synergize it at a time it seems and the synergy