**QUESTION**: How much resistances should a tank have?


**ANSWER**: It depends on how comfortable you are with the fight and what your group is capable of. It is NOT necessary to cap resistances as a tank; many end-game tanks have cleared the hardest content in the game and more with ~30k or lower resistances. It is more important to learn the mechanics of the fight, avoiding or mitigating unnecessary damage and coordinating with the group if need be. As noted in [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCZyRn4f-gA], the comfortable minimum for most players for ALL content including Hard Mode Trials and DLC Dungeons will be ~24,000 Spell and Physical Resistances.


**QUESTION**: What's the best race for PvE tanking?


**ANSWER**: While race doesn't matter as much for tank compared to DPS or even Healing, there are some races that make tanking easier especially for beginners such as Nords, Imperials, and Argonians. Nords get additional ulti gen and resistances. Imperials get raw stats and a bit of sustain through Red Diamond. Argonians get some nice sustain bonuses by regaining a ton of resources whenever they use a potion, but lack additional stamina. There are other classes for consideration depending on specific types of builds or what you may be asked to do for your groups such as offtank DPS including Breton and Orc!

**QUESTION**: What kind of two-handed weapon should tanks be using? Bow, Lightning Staff, Ice Staff or Two-Handers?


**ANSWER**: Like a lot of answers, "it depends." A Bow is used to both precisely target your Crusher enchantment or to push DPS. A Lightning Staff is typically used to help with procc'ing Offbalance on trash and boss fights. As of writing this, Off Balance is typically more useful for Stamina DPS raid compositions due to them being guaranteed to do 10% more damage on Off-Balanced enemies through the Champion Point perk "Exploiter" with their CP allocation whereas Magicka DPS don't usually have access to that perk with their CP allocation. An Ice Staff is used if Off Balance is not a factor in your groups, it provides additional block mitigation (though noticeably less resistances due to the lack of a shield) and can be safer to use over a Lightning Staff. Lastly, for actual two-handed weapons such as Greatsword, Battle Axe, Maul, it is harder to keep up a Crusher enchant through this skill-line compared to simply putting an Endless Hail or Blockade down but they have been historically used in the past for additional damage on tank specs.

**QUESTION**: What should my Traits/Enchantments be on my weapons as a PvE tank?


**ANSWER**: Typically most tank setups SHOULD have the Infused trait on their backbar/two handed weapon (Staff, Bow, etc) as the Infused trait offers a boost to the strength of the enchantment. In most cases, tanks will need to run a Crusher enchantment which offers 2108 additional penetration on a target for the group, much more beneficial than it being put on a one-handed weapon as one-hander enchants are half strength of two-hander enchants. Otherwise, depending on what your group needs you to do, the very weapon or enchantment can change!


For your frontbar (Sword and Board), the options are much more varied:


Decisive with Poisons of your choice can be quite potent as the Decisive trait offers more ultimate generation and enchantment is of little matter with Poisons.


Infused trait can still be potent for some fights depending on your choice of enchantment such as Hardening or Weakening.


Charged with a Shock enchantment can be particularly useful in keeping up better uptimes on Off Balance for groups that need it. While Defending is an option [refer to question on resistances], it shouldn't be necessary in most heavy armor setups.


The other traits Nirnhoned, Powered, Precise, Sharpened and Training (obviously) are the least or never used traits.

**QUESTION**: What should my Traits/Enchantments be on my jewelry as a PvE Tank?


**ANSWER**: Your Jewelry Traits and Enchantments will often depend on the content, what your group needs/wants you to do and finally class/spec. It is important to NOT underestimate the base game jewelry traits (such as Robust, Healthy and Robust) as the raw stats can be very helpful and incredibly powerful for many fights including Hard Mode Trials/DLC Dungeons.


Swift is very nice for Cloudrest, Asylum Sanctorium (as the Offtank) and most trash pulls in Trials. At least 2 jewelry should be Swift, 3 is amazing. Triune gives you an additional boost to all of your three stats - Health, Stamina and Magicka - and this trait is usually used if there's absolutely nothing else to use or if you think you need the extra stats. It is best to usually have all 3 jewelry with Triune to get the most out of the trait. Infused gives you a big boost to the enchantments you can use on your jewelry pieces and this can be particularly useful with certain fights that demand more sustain or in the case of Nightblade tanking, tie in very nicely with class passives.


For some builds, Infused can be on one or two jewelry pieces or all three. Harmony is only used for Cloudrest only if you intend to keep Z'Maja during the entirety of the Shade execute phase. Generally at least 2 or all 3 jewelry pieces for this scenario is Harmony.


Protective [refer to question on resistances] is the least or never used trait for most tank specs.


Jewelry enchantments are often Magicka Recovery, Block Cost, Potion Cooldown Reduction (very powerful with the Nightblade tank toolkit), Magicka Cost Reduction, Stamina Cost Reduction, Weapon/Spell Damage (OT DPS). In specifically one scenario, Stamina Recovery (Defensive Posturing on Lokkestiiz) can be useful but otherwise Stamina Recovery, Health Recovery and the Resistance enchantments (Elemental/Armor) are the least used or most useless.

**QUESTION**: How much health should I run as a PvE Tank?


**ANSWER**: Basically depends on how comfortable you are although for some fights it makes sense to simply maximize as much health as possible without sacrificing too many stats (Nahviintaas, Olms).

**QUESTION**: What trait is currently most used or considered best for shield?

**ANSWER**: In terms of min-max/gaining the most resistance, Nirnhoned. Reinforced is also a good option if you cannot do Nirnhoned. Otherwise, Infused, Divine, Sturdy or even Well-Fitted can be used for most situations and certain builds. It all comes down to how it complements your build, what you need more of.

**QUESTION**: Does swapping bars drop block?


**ANSWER**: Yes, for a very brief moment of time, about ~.4 seconds. Barswapping at the wrong times when a boss or elite add is channeling on you or doing a heavy attack can lead to death (notable example is the Sunspire dragon breaths, the Axes in Aetherian Archive and The Warrior in Hel Ra Citadel).

**QUESTION**: 5-1-1 or 7 heavy, etc for PvE Tanks' armor setup?


**ANSWER**: For most situations/builds/content, 5-1-1 (5 Heavy armor pieces, 1 Medium armor piece, 1 Light piece) is best for the additional max stats gained for your Health, Magicka and Stamina through the Undaunted skill-line passive "Undaunted Mettle" which provides 2% additional max Health, Magicka and Stamina PER TYPE of Armor you have equipped. Some tanks do run 7x Heavy, or nowadays with the recently revamped Heavy Armor skill Unstoppable, 6 Heavy-1 Medium/Light as using Unstoppable with 7x Heavy pieces completely immobilize you but with 6x Heavy, you can still move a little bit AND roll dodge!

**QUESTION**: What's the best tanking class for PvE?


**ANSWER**: Objectively speaking, for 4 man content and arenas along with 12-man raids regardless of group level or even player skill, Dragonknight is still reigning king as the easiest tank class to handle in terms of sustain and toolkit; "easy" does not mean bad. [HOWEVER your class as a tank can often be determined by what your group needs.] For example, some groups prefer having a Warden tank to provide Minor Toughness/Minor Vulnerability depending on what they want the typical Warden healer slot to be.


Some groups that want to push time or score for certain content (such as vMoL, vHoF) will want their offtank to DPS and this can change their class/setup. Certain classes like Nightblade are very good in general in terms of raw mitigation due to their access to class Major Evasion/Grim Focus stacks and other aspects of their tanking toolkit. The same can go for Sorcerers (with their Bound Aegis activation) and high mobility (vCR HM, vAS HM). Necromancer tanks depending on the group strategy are sometimes brought into play due to their ability to give themselves a synergy to proc Alkosh.


In terms of general ranking from top to bottom (based on how easy the classes are to handle for most players):

- Dragonknight/Nightblade

- Warden/Sorcerer

- Necromancer

- Templar

**QUESTION**: What should my Mundus Stone be for PvE tanking?


**ANSWER**: Depending on builds/specs, the most used are: [Atronach, Lord, Shadow/Thief, Steed], Mundus Stones such as Lady (resistances) and Serpent (stam recovery) are often useless or counterintuitive to most fights in the game.

**QUESTION**: What should my Traits/Enchantments be on my armor pieces as a PvE tank?


**ANSWER**: Traits or rather a certain number of traits will of course, as always, depend on what the aim of your build is and the fights you're tanking. Typically most tank setups have at least [4 Sturdy pieces, non-chest/helmet/pant pieces] and [3 Infused pieces, chest/helmet/pants]. You can do variations of this setup such as 7x Sturdy. Otherwise, the other traits often used depending on your spec and content can be [Divines, Well Fitted]. All depends on what you desire for stats. Enchantments are the same story. Prismatic armor enchants, Health enchants, Stamina/Magicka enchants. Again, depends on your desired stats or what you NEED.


**QUESTION**: What's the best food/drinks for PvE tanking?


**ANSWER**: [Bewitched Sugar Skulls] is currently the best tri-stat food to use for min-maxing raw stats (free health recovery as well). Otherwise using regular purple tri-stat food is fine. Sometimes depending on Trials, strategy or builds, other food used can be [Witchmother's Potent Brew, Red Frothgar, Bistat Foods], a prime example is consuming a different food DURING Z'Maja's Shade execute phase in vCR to lower your health to easily heal through Baneful Mark.

**QUESTION**: What gear do I need as a PvE Tank?


**ANSWER**: Setups can vary depending on group and content or strategy, highlighted are most used sets in Trials: [Ebon], [Hircine], [Worm], [Dragon's Defilement], [Morag Tong], [Perfected Yolnahkriin], Perfected Olorime, Livewire, [Alkosh], [Torug's Pact], Plague Doctor, Leeching Plate, Green Pact, Dragonguard, Battalion Defender, Dragonguard, Powerful Assault, Sunderflame and many more.


Monster sets can include: Lord Warden, Bloodspawn, Thurvokun, Earthgore, Engine Guardina, Vykosa, Stonekeeper, Symphony of Blades, Swarm Mother, Scourge Harvester or if you're pushing DPS, whatever is the DPS monster set (Slimecraw, Maarselok, Velidreth, etc).

**QUESTION**: What is the current block cost formula?


**ANSWER**: The last change to the block cost formula was after the Dragonbones DLC patch.


It is currently: 1730 - (Glyphs)x(1 - Shadow Ward)x(1 - Sturdy)x(1 - S/B Passives)x(1 - Abilities) = Block Cost

**QUESTION**: What should my Champion Points be allocated towards as a PvE Tank?


**ANSWER**: [Refer to the Champion Points Allocation category in this Discord server or on nefasqs.com for the most updated CP]


**QUESTION**: Should I be a Vampire as a PvE tank?


**ANSWER**: For everything EXCEPT Sunspire (even Stage 1 Vamp is a no-no), yes you should be a Stage 3 Vampire at most for the additional mag/stam recovery passive and the Undeath passive. [Refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBbSXefmYAY - made by TerminalESO] on the recent Vampirism formula change in regards to fire damage.

**QUESTION**: After Olms's jump, he seems to like to turn towards entrance for his storm and potentially do a breath in that direction. Is there a way to keep him from turning?


**ANSWER**: There are a couple of things you can do that will help minimize this such as; standing on his left arm if he is facing entrance if Storm the Heavens is happening immediately after he jumps back. If he is facing you (Main Tank) standing slightly to his right arm will make sure he targets you. Recommended to stand slightly closer to him for this.

**QUESTION**: What exactly is the range/size of Alkosh's cone?


**ANSWER**: Alkosh has a 15-meter range (the conal area has a span of 4.5 meters).


**QUESTION**: How do you avoid the two-hander add's (Savage) Shatters in vMoL?


**ANSWER**: There is a certain timing to it but you must roll dodge the Shatter animation on time (when he brings up his maul over his head). After every Shatter, the Savage will attempt another one roughly every 10 seconds. It is strongly recommended that you roll dodge TOWARDS the Savage rather than away as the Savage's Shatter animation can be canceled out early and the Shatter will be attempted immediately afterward.

**QUESTION**: How does aggro work in this game? What is soft taunting? What's overtaunting?


**ANSWER**: Refer to [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q49snx_a5ww] - video guide on aggro system in ESO by Nefas.