vET Cloudrest


Main tanks

The main tanks are responsible for holding Z'Maja and exchanging her each portal phase. They are the first to go down and signal to the rest of the group that it is safe once they have aggro of the shade.


While in the Shadow Realm, the tanks will keep aggro of the Shade, using skills like Meditate or other setups to mitigate/out heal the damage. There is no oblivion damage present until you pick up an orb so shields help a lot with the damage over time effect.


After each portal phase they stack monstrosities on Z'Maja and wait for them to be cleaved down before making the exchange (also need to wait for Flare as taking Z'Maja before the next Flare can get a Flare on you regardless of aggro).

In the final execute phase the Group Main Tank will be stacked in left or right group to help provide Blood Altar/Bone Surge synergies.


Group Main Tank Skills: Over Flowing Altar/Bone Surge (Synergies on synergy cool down to the group)/MEDITATE for Shadow Realm is optional as are Immovable/Mist form for tricky situations.

Sets: 2x Earthgore/Torugs/Alkosh (2x Harmony/1x Infused on Jewels)

sHADE tank

The Shade Main Tank holds the Shade of Z’Maja’s aggro during the final execute phase. 

Shade Main Tank Skills: (Does not need Bone Shield/Blood Altar), so build for tanking both Z'Maja and the Shade of Z'Maja for the entire Trial.

Sets: Earth Gore/Torugs/Alkosh (2x - 3x Harmony or anything else you’re comfortable with​).

off tank

The main job of the Off Tank is to hold and position mini bosses:

  • Siroria needs to be stacked on Z’Maja for maximum cleave on main boss. The OT must call Fulminate.

  • Relequen should also be stacked on Z’Maja facing TOWARDS the main tank or the group. The OT must call Heavy Attack to alert both group and main tanks as the cascades are not able to be blocked.

  • Galenwe should be stacked on Z’Maja’s side due to the ice donut.

The off tank does not go downstairs unless one of the main tanks dies and a substitute is needed for Z'Maja's Shade.

In the final execute phase the Off Tank will be just outside of the left or right group in order to kite Crushing Darkness.

Skills: While you can go Dragon Blood, Vigor and such, you do not truly need self heals as you will always be in group. Kiting Darkness is not strenuous on your resources during execute & you should not be getting Baneful Mark during this phase as well.

Sets: 2x Bloodspawn/Alkosh/Torugs (Jewelry traits are optional most likely Infused, I do not suggest 3x Harmony as you’re not in group during execute or even most of the fight).



The Kite Healer has several responsibilities:


It is important for them to position themselves outside of the group in order to keep aggro of Crushing Darkness. When they have Flare they will "Dive Bomb" the group, calling their flare position so that the DPS can stack appropriately. Afterwards, they quickly leave the group to avoid dragging Crushing Darkness through it.

DPS should also shield or dodgeroll in case Crushing Darkness touches them.

It is also the Kite Healer's job to send golden shards down to the Shadow Realm. It is helpful, for the shadow realm group, to count how many shards have been retrieved out loud. There are 3 Shards that spawn in random locations.

Aside from the mechanics mentioned above it is important to place Olorime into the raid group as well as healing the group with both burst/over-time heals and providing synergies.

Skills: Overflowing Altar/Basic Heal Setup, skills will differ whether you're a Templar/Warden/Sorcerer healer.

Sets: 2x Bogdan/Worm/Olorime


The Group Healer is positioned in group with the DPS. They are responsible for keeping heal over times down while providing burst heals to the stack as they are mobile as well as providing synergies off of cool down.


It is important to apply IA on Mini Bosses, Monstrosities, Z’Maja, and Creepers.

Skills: Bone Surge/Basic Healer Setup. Combat Prayer/Blessing Of Protection is optional depending on group setup and healer preference.

Sets: 2x Bogdan/Ebon/IA


Top group

The DPS will be split into 3 groups: 2 Bottom Groups and 1 Top Group. 

The Top Group is responsible for killing orbs, creepers (this will depend on group damage/scenario, so might need more than the top group) and resurrecting the dead. One Sorc will always stay topside for the Minor Prophecy passive and place their conduits on the Main Tank. However the sorc does not have to be a DPS.

Skills: Force Pulse/Twisting Path (if NB) for top group is recommended.

Sets: 2x Grothdarr/2x Zaan ; Julianos/Sorrow, BSW/Sorrow, Siroria/Sorrow, etc... (3 Blood Thirsty on Jewels)


  • 56 Ironclad

  • 50 Spell Shield

  • 56 Thick Skinned

  • 66 Elemental Defender

  • 32 Quick Recovery

bottom group 

The Bottom Groups will ​be made up of 2 DPS each, accompanied by a Main Tank. The bottom groups will wait for the Main Tank to go down first and signal that it is safe for the DPS. 


Once the DPS are down they will begin killing the same crystal then split off into two different directions in search of 3 orbs (No need to kill all of the crystals). When a shard has been sent down the DPS will synergize an orb and carry it to the closest shard. The orb will deal an oblivion-based damage over time on the person carrying it so holding onto it for too long will kill you.

Another important mechanic is the Wind of the Welkynar Synergy. In vCR +3 there is only 1 jump pad. The bottom group needs to be sure to synergize the jump pad before the room is finished turning red and to jump down immediately after it is finished.

Skills: Funnel/Refreshing Path (if NB) are very nice for going down bottom.

Sets: 2x Grothdarr/2x Zaan ; Master Architect/Sorrow on one of the two people in a bottom group, the other in a top group setup (3 Arcane on Jewels).



mini boss mechanics

Mini Bosses spawn at 75% Siroria, 50% Relequin, and 25% Galenwe.


  • Lightning Cone (Staggers you if you block, no need to panic & dodge out of this if you have Flare on the group).

  • Lightning Heavy Attack - The Off Tank needs to call this. It causes a CC that is not blockable so it needs to be avoided or directed by pointing Relequen towards the main tank or the group.

  • Lightning Interruptible - Relequen will occasionally teleport to the furthest person away which is often the Kite Healer or a Main Tank. He will spawn a pool of lightning after he teleports onto his target but the AOE does not deal much damage even to the DPS. Often times he channels a drain on the group much like Pinnacle Factotum which needs to be interrupted by anyone close to him.

  • Lightning Bar Swap Mechanic: Don't swap when one of your bars are charged with Voltaic Overlord as swapping to that bar will potentially kill both you and others around you. The closer it is to being finished ticking, the higher damage it does. 

General mechanics


  • Orbs (Priority #1) The dark drain dot can’t be purged but it can be prevented by blocking when an orb dies/explodes. Orbs can "Kiss Each Other" and explode. It's highly advised to shield when the 2nd or 3rd orb explodes.

  • Creepers (Priority #2) Have to role dodge out of creeper VINES in a timely manner in order to avoid becoming silenced.

  • Monstrosities (Priority #3) Should die in cleave or focused if the main tanks get baneful marked.

  • Portal Cone should always be sidestepped or dodge rolled out of. These cones seem to come out faster and faster the longer the fight goes on.

Shadow Realm:

  • Picking Up Orbs (Oblivion DoT on you while you hold it) and then carrying them to a golden shard sent down by the Kite Healer. Total of 3.

  • Synergize the golden circles with pillars of light and feathers to go up and avoid being killed by an explosion phase. Total of 2 explosion phases before the Shade of Z'Maja enters the gateway into the real world & automatically wipe the group. Make sure you are trying to synergize a jump pad, and not accidentally trying to synergize a shard.

  • If someone accidentally goes down due to a cone from the gateway/portal, that person can help finish the mechanic downstairs or get hit by a portal cone in the Shadow Realm again and get sent back up. If you get hit by the portal cone again after this however, you'll simply die & not get sent down. There's a time limit on this status effect.


  • Flare (Oblivion Damage - Not Shieldable) - The person with flare must call their location concisely & according to the groups' strategy so that the DPS can shield and stack together in order to evenly disperse the damage, blocking is not necessary. You only need a maximum of 3 people including the person with Flare to survive this mechanic.

  • Fulminate - Siroria's jump attack. The Off Tank needs to call this. The group needs to avoid being hit by this attack as getting hit by one or two ticks of it can kill you instantly if you're unprepared. The Fulminate comes out in a cross formation then slowly turns into a swastika as each of the 4 fire AOEs bend course.


  • Hoarfrost - Always drop Hoarfrost out of the group stack as dropping it on group as incoming damage such as Flare will combo-kill you. If you don't pick up Hoarfrost in a timely manner, it starts spitting out ice projectiles at more & more people. There is a slight health debuff and snare that gets applied to the person holding this mobile ice AOE. After being picked up a total of three times, the Hoarfrost will disappear while dealing damage on the last release & come back at a later time



* Two Flares will spawn and each person who gets it must call it out and quickly determine who is going to which side as having two flares on the same group will kill everyone.

* Two Hoarfrosts spawn and move around and they must be picked up in a timely manner and NEVER be dropped on either left or right group especially when Flares are coming out or if the Dark Drain from dead orbs will come out.

* Lightning barswap mechanic remains the same. Don't panic and barswap and wipe the raid.